October 8th Update

North Shore Drive

The asphalt binder coat has been applied to the entire North Shore Drive roadway. There are traffic control barrels overtop of the individual manholes. Starting October 9th, 2020, the manholes along North Shore Drive will begin to be adjusted to the appropriate height to match the roadway. The ditching along North Shore Drive will begin immediately following the manhole adjustment work. The driveway section removal and the culvert installation will begin simultaneously with the ditching.

North Shore Bridge

The top slab of the North Shore Drive bridge has been completely removed and the top flanges of the bridge girder is being prepped for the new slab to be constructed. Throughout this process, the bridge will remain open and accessible to boat through traffic but temporarily closed to vehicle traffic.

Valencia Drive

Most of the asphalt binder coat has been applied to Valencia Drive. There is a section of the roadway that has no asphalt binder due to the subsurface being too soft during the paving process.

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